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Guaranteed Results on Your Upholstery Cleaning

Does your sofa look worn-out? We are your professional upholstery cleaners in Anchorage, and can guarantee that our service will breathe new life into your furniture! Our certified, experienced upholstery cleaners use the most advanced cleaning techniques and tools to eliminate dirt, dust and allergens from your furniture.

Our technicians handle your upholstery with care, allowing you to rely on our swift, effective cleaning service for all your upholstery needs.

Over the years, we have encountered many types of upholstery fibers. From synthetics to natural to leather... and yes, we even clean micro fiber! When cleaning upholstery, there are basically two aspects: how does it look, and how does it smell? Here is what we do to take care of both.

  1. We inspect your upholstery
  2. We give you an exact cost and get your approval before we start.
  3. We pre-spot any unsightly spots or stains if needed.
  4. We pre-spray the entire furniture with the proper type of cleaning solution.
  5. We clean with a specialized upholstery cleaning tool.
  6. If odor control is needed, we use deodorizers, enzymes, or encapsulators.
  7. We rearrange your cushions for optimal drying.
  8. Extra: for a small additional cost, you can have your upholstery protected to guard against spots, spills and general soil.

Rover loves to sit in dad's chair, but nobody loves to smell Rover in dad's chair! At EnviroCare, we're here to make chairs smell like chairs rather than Rover. In most cases, we can make your furniture look and smell like new! While already doing your carpet cleaning, let us hit the steam clean the upholstery as well!

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