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Step By Step Process

Here’s what happens when we show up at your door to steam clean your carpets:


We're going to evaluate your carpet together and address any concerns you might have. We’ll show you what spots will and will not come out with your carpet cleaning. We’ll measure your carpet and tell you exactly how much your carpet cleaning will cost. We'll get your approval before we start steam cleaning your carpets (at EnviroCare, we don’t like surprises any more than you do).


Now that we’ve got your approval, if your carpets need to be vacuumed, that’s where we’ll start. It’s much easier to vacuum dry dirt than to steam clean wet dirt! We’ll treat any unsightly spots with specialized spotters. If the spots will come out, we’re going to get them out.

Like a magician, it's time to magically make spots and dirt disappear! At EnviroCare we do it right. Sometimes that means we have to take extra time. If it takes three times to steam clean the traffic pattern, that’s what we’ll do. Any remaining spots that don’t come out in the steam cleaning process will receive extra special attention.


If you have chosen your one-year spot and spill warranty, we will apply carpet protection. It will make your vacuuming more efficient and guard against most spots and spills. If you spill something and can’t get the spot out, don't worry! You're protected! We’ll come back and get the spot out for free! That’s your worry-free guarantee!

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