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Jane Nelson

It was awesome. I wouldn't go with anyone else. I am especially happy with the attention to detail with our recent pet "accident". Adam did an awesome job and was very courteous and professional. Our followup with Wade was also prompt and well done. I feel like we get personal attention and you are accommodating to our needs--especially getting us in as quickly as possible if need be.

Laurie John

I think EnviroCare provides excellent service for the money and is always courteous and professional. Getting an appointment that is convenient with my schedule is important to me. I also like the free spot remover treatment and refills. Last year Wade cleaned our dryer vent which was not an easy task. It was long, arduous work, and it was hot. We noticed a major improvement in drying time which I'm sure resulted in lower electricity costs. Above and beyond service!

Toni Phillip

I was very pleased with the carpet. It hasn't looked this good since we installed it. You were very professional and friendly, the employee did quality work. It was quick and hassle-free. We like the booties and we still use them :-). It's also good to know that doing regular cleanings will prolong the life of the carpets.

Toni Phillip - separate letter:

We were very pleased with the work that was done. Your technician was extremely professional and friendly and explained the process and pricing thoroughly. We have never seen the carpet look this good since we've installed it and to be honest we didn't think that it could. We have been using a home carpet cleaning machine and thought that that was as good as it gets, but I am happy to say that your service puts us in a whole new perspective. We truly appreciate the quality work.

Karen Smith

You were professional from the time of booking, and you had excellent followup. On site the tech was very well spoken, knowledgeable, and fast. The large oriental rug we value needed cleaning and the on site tech reassured me how well it would be taken care of. It was handled professionally. The technician was also knowledgeable enough about dogs to the point that he knew dark labs had an oil stain left behind. The leaflet left behind was in a protective binder and helpful, and we appreciated the followup for the appointment and call asking about the service.

Blake Gettys

You have a well run company. Scheduling was very immediate and accomodating. Both gentlemen were very courteous and friendly. They listened to what I wanted and then even gave me some tips on carpet care. It was very fast and efficient service.

Fran Talbott Bankston

You have a well run company. Scheduling was very immediate and accomodating. Both gentlemen were very courteous and friendly. They listened to what I wanted and then even gave me some tips on carpet care. It was very fast and efficient service.

Zona Dahlmann

I had the air ducts of my heating system in my new house cleaned after terrible trouble with my sinuses. The dust and debris in those ducts from the building process was unbelieveable. I now breathe freely in my new home! Clean air; less dusting; free of breathing problems.

Kathryn Jones

Very professional: on time, clean, meticulous. They stuck with the phone quote price, but said next time the price would be based on the audit. It has been a month and my carpet is still clean. No spots coming up.

Stephany Lear

You are very friendly, have a fast response to calls and questions, and are very professional. We have whiter berber carpet - dirt "came up" after the initial cleaning. I called the next day and you responded in less than 2 hours! We are in the process of trying to sell our home and this great cleaning job made our old carpets look amazing - will definitely help in the final sale!

Deanna Jackson

You are the best! The family room downstairs was badly stained-it is so clean now! I love the bottle of spot remover and you always refill it! Thank you.

Kennedy Lynch

My cleaning was very nice. You were knowledgeable and had quick service. I like that you cleaned a square foot area rather than "x" amount of rooms. I also got the odor removal spray that you sell.

Rand Price

You did an excellent job. We had very soiled carpets due to pets. Considering the original shape, I'm very happy with the results. Adam was very professional, pleasant, courteous, and clean. He took care how he brought equipment and hoses into our home to prevent damaging corners and door frames. I now know we need to clean our carpets more often for health as well as aesthetics. But with pets...unfortunately we lost our lost husky this month due to old age and decided it was time for clean carpets.

Leola Froembgen

You are friendly. You listen to what we wanted done.

Melissa Caress

I called EnviroCare in early November to have our office carpets cleaned. I was met with an available date the following week, and friendly, courteous customer service. I was pleased with the efficiency of the call, and also with the availability.The service technician that came to our business was courteous, professional and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain the invoice in detail as well as exactly what he performed. Our carpets look fabulous. I was expecting them to be wet and probably have some degree of odor, however I was pleasantly surprised at the fast drying time and there was no odor at all - even after having the office closed up over the weekend.When we received a follow up call, I was able to schedule another room in the building to be cleaned and again was met with the same fast, courteous service. The two technicians that came out were of the same caliber as the first - friendly, fast and thoroughI really appreciate the work that you have put into your business to make it such a pleasant experience for the client. I am sure we could have found comparable results from another company, but I do not believe that we could have found a better package deal. We will be calling you for service again in the future.Thank you so much!

Sheri Brock

You did a great job. Thank you for coming so quickly. I appreciate the attention to spot detail, friendly service - discounts - overall...wonderful job!

Nancy Cin

You were very friendly and professional. The carpet looked great. The cleaner did a good job. We will use you in our new house in the future. The carpet cleaner was very knowledgeable and friendly. He hold us everything he would do and gave us some options. The cleaning was done in a timely manner and looked great so we could close on the house we sold. Thanks.

Rainbow Chandler

I was able to get a pretty accurate estimate over the phone. He was very friendly and helpful in answering my questions, and was able to schedule my appointment within the timeframe I requested... I've been able to breath quite easily since the carpets and ducts have been cleaned. Before the appontment, I could hardly stay in this house for two hours without getting puffy, teary, wheezy, and sneezy. (I have asthma and allergies, and the last people who lived here had about 7 pets.) It's wonderful to be able to breathe in my own home! I want to thank you for the excellent customer service before, during, and after our appointment. We got the results we wanted out of the cleaning, but it's your great customer service and follow-through that will keep us coming back...

Michelle Grubba

You are very professional and it was a job well done. I have less dust, which means less cleaning :-)

Bob & Gail Moheit (after 13th cleaning)

Excellent company. People are wonderfully friendly. Overall, an excellent job. The receptionist on the phone is very willing in any way to help the customer. I was surprised when they even did my carpet in my closet--loved that.

Valerie Young

Your company is great. We are able to clean carpets instead of recarpeting rental units. Also, you are very honest about what will come out and if the carpet needs replacing.

Terri Bancroft

Wade and Laurie, Thanks for always doing such a professional job when you clean our carpets. You come when it is convenient for us, the carpets are so bright when you leave and I love the No Brainer program. I don't worry about our carpets, you take care of that for us.

Joan Stassel

Dear Laura, Wade, and Adam at EnviroCare: I recently had the carpets at both our rental home and our house cleaned by Adam. When I first saw it was not our "usual" Wade doin g the cleaning, I felt a tiny bit uneasy wondering if they would get as clean with a different person. Happily, I was MORE than satisfied with the results. I think the traffic lane by the door in our home is cleaner than ever and the pet urine stains at our rental home are gone--carpet looks amazing. Adam is a great carpet cleaner, a really pleasant young gentleman, and also very trustworthy and reliable. I left my home during his cleaning, and all was taken care of thoroughly and left secured when I returned. I am very pleased with EnviroCare for their great carpet cleaning, as well as their super customer treatment! I enthusiastically refer their service to all my friends. Thank you once again Envirocare!

Cherie Wibblesman

Your carpet cleaning company was professional, friendly, and efficient. They finished the job early, but still with great results. The clean carpets helped reduce the "dog" and other oders in my home. I referred you to my neighbor the same day!

Elaine Potter

You folks are the best of the best. I recommend you to all my friends. When you called that you could not keep the appointment time, you sent a young man (Adam) on time and he did a great job. I did not have the 400SF of carpet and Adam wanted to make sure that I got my dollar's worth, so he cleaned my recliner and area rugs.

Wendy, United Rentals

Hello Laura and Wade, Just wanted to let you all know how much we appreciate your company and the amazing job you do. It is awesome to come in to work and see the carpets looking new again and every stain (coffee, etc.) gone. Thanks so much and keep up the good work.

Vicki Heinz Black

I had excellent carpet and upholstery cleaning. The phone was answered by a person rather than voice mail. I was given an appointment for an estimate within a week and an appointment for cleaning quickly as well. Friendly service. I fell that Wade went out of his way to try to ensure that urine odor from my old cat was eliminated as best as possible. Wade used lots of product to seal the cat urine odor and even left me with a spray bottle for any residual odor on further accidents. Wade was on time for both appointments and did not waste my time waiting around.

Laurie John

I received an appointment that was very convenient to my schedule and on short notice! This was my free carpet cleaning and it was awesome!

Frances Pearson

The did a very good job and they are really friendly. I'm very happy with the allergy cleaning process. The carpet was clean and smelled very fresh.

Melissa Sundberg

Great job! The gentleman that cleaned our carpets was prompt, friendly, and professional. The carpets were white again & didn't have that "crunchy" chemical feel to them and were like new.

Carrie Clancy

You did very good--good results, and a professional and friendly staff. The carpets look fabulous after cleaning! Our carpets needed TLC--we got a new cat and had a new baby between cleanings! You did a fabulous job.

Paula Reed

Your company is excellent in all ways. The stains which I was advised probably wouldn't come out, did--my asthma has not bothered me in my home since--exceptionally friendly and professional service. No asthma problems!!! House smells great!!!

Laurie John

I'm very pleased; excellent value. You are conscientious and hard working. Wade recently came over for my 6 month free carpet cleaning. At tat time, I also requested duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning. There was a problem with the dryer vent and Wade went above and beyond to not only repair the problem that was a builder error but did not charge me to fix it! He spent a considerable amount of time on this one. I appreciate the coupons that I receive; they do save money. The six month free carpet cleaning is a great deal. The free cleaning is an excellent way to keep my carpets clean all year round at a great price. The duct cleaning improved my allergies significantly. I could tell the difference in 24 hours.

Elaine Potter

Dear Wade and Laura, I am so happy to tell that my job on my carpets were great. Wade even did a throw rug that was on my patio. The service I have received from EnviroCare has been the best. I tell my friends of the great service as well as the great workmanship.

Stan Ashland

I was very pleased with the way phones were handled, the services received, and John's cleaning. I tell everybody because everything was perfect! You're very friendly, have good customer relations (John deserves an 'add-a-boy'

Kimberly Cribb

I would like to thank you for the knowledge and professionalism that your staff shoed me when they came to clean my carpets. When Wade came to my house to give me an estimate for the cleaning of my carpets, I had advised him that I had recently found out that the previous owners of my home had several animals in that house and I wasn't sure if there were additional stains than the three that my dog had done. He came in and advised me that they would do the best that they could, but reassured me that he felt they would come up. They have so far. I haven't seen any indications where they have come up again and I don't smell anything out of the ordinary. This is wonderful news to a person who attempts to keep her house clean with three kids and a dog. I also have to mention that I was very pleased with Wade's professionalism as well as the knowledge he had when it comes to carpets. He was very personable with me and I enjoyed the fact that he seemed interested in my concerns about my carpet. The final thing that I wanted to mention was the technician that did the actual cleaning was very knowledgeable and professional as well. He was not nervous at all that I followed him around, not to monitor him, but to watch as my floors were being cleaned. I was totally amazed by the amount of dirt that came up from my floors. I've learned from this experience that I'm not as clean as I thought I was and that my kids are not wearing shoes in the house anymore. Thanks, EnviroCare for cleaning my carpets and having the knowledge and professionalism that a business should have.

Kerin Pridmore

You truly care about the work you do and the people you are helping. Wade noticed the high traffic areas in our home and mentioned the possibility of the dirt rising to the surface. It (the dirt) did, and he quickly came back out and re-cleaned those areas at no charge. Thanks! You have a customer satisfaction guarantee and stand behind it.

Wayne Crayton

Wade and Laura do a fantastic job of providing friendly, fantastic, fast service. They are totally reliable, and I'm amazed how wonderful the carpet looks after they are finished. I especially love chatting with Wade and getting updated on his family and business. I wish more businesses in Anchorage operated like theirs. Great job all the time.

Debbie Ryan

One of my employees turned me on to EnviroCare Professional Cleaning and what a wonderful experience. Not only have they been extremely accommodating on short notice, but the family feeling is great. I have worked in the family business at Community Chiropractic most of my life and there is something special about a family that works together and does it well. Thank you to the EnviroCare staff for great, clean carpets with a family feeling

Debbie Ryan

You are a hard working, service and family oriented company. You are always accommodating, even on short notice. I appreciate my clean carpets, the cheerful service, and the great followup.

Heather Sather

I am very impressed with the company and the services provided. I recently had my carpets cleaned and a pesky dye stain was removed. The area looks great. I don't have to position the couch just right anymore. I love the enzyme treatment!!!! Two areas were repeatedly urinated on. The enzyme treatment helped the area look and smell great. I can't even notice it anymore.

Terri Bancroft

I was able to schedule an appoitnment when it was convenient for me, and in a very timely matter, as it has always been when we work with you. I forgot to ask John to do the entry way throw rug, but that might not have been part of the package deal with traffic lanes only service. I'll be sure it gets done in October when you will return for a full cleaning. I thought this was a no brainer check, but when all was said and done I had not done my full part in filling out the paper work. It is now filled out and whoever I spoke with on the phone was exceptionally helpful. You have always been so professional, cheerful, and have done great work when ever we've dealt with you. The work is always exceptional and our carpets have looked great when you leave. I love that you give us the spot remover, it works great and I don't have to ask for it. Thank you.

Judith Crichton

He did a really good job, was on time (a biggy), did not appear to be in a rush, and was very polite. The phone quote was different to the tech's quote, and when I pointed this out, he explained why it was higher. But, he promptly called the office and I was charged what I had been quoted over the phone. Now I have clean, soft carpets. I rent the unit that was cleaned, and dispite the carpets "supposedly" having been cleaned prior to my moring in, they were stained, smelly, and didn't feel clean. Now they feel and smell good.

Sandy McDonald

Overall carpet cleaning was wonderful. Scheduling was easy, and not so far out that I was willing to wait. I liked the call back to check up (only my vet does that). I don't like to call if a spot was missed - it feels like I'm complaining. Thank you Wade!

Louise Smith

Your company is excellent-family friendly. I like the fast, efficient, courteous service, and I really appreciate the calls when running late. You cleaned certain areas that show more soil as well as sprayed to prevent some areas from soil. I also like the moving of furniture that I can't do. It's great for the elderly.

Todd Anderson

You do great work. The carpet was clean without being soaking wet afterwards. I like that you're family-owned and give personal attention.

Clark & Peggy Harrower

I had duct cleaning and it was very professionally done. Wade explained as he started the job and during each step until he finished. I have clean vents and fresher air smell. We bought this zero-lot line in Jan. 1985 and the vents had never been cleaned. There is now less dust in the whole house.

Angela Galloway

You are very nice and friendly. I'm really happy with the way my carpets looked after being cleaned.