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What To Do After A Cleaning Session

Please minimize traffic on the carpet until dry (unless using carpet booties)—and remember: walking from a wet carpet onto a hard surface can be very slippery!

As a general precaution, we recommend you keep children off freshly cleaned carpet until completely dry.

To avoid stains or rust spots, please don’t remove any tabs or blocks our technicians may have placed under furniture until the carpet is completely dry.

Do not sit on furniture with furniture blocks underneath as the legs will go through the blocks and may stain of put rust spots on your carpet.

Remove furniture blocks as soon as the carpet is dry. Leaving blocks for an extended period of time can cause them to stick to the fibers that will require a professional to remove.

If carpet protection was applied, drying time may be increased. Please allow 24 hours before heavy carpet use.

Carpet Drying Time is influenced by: carpet type, fiber density, how soiled it was, and indoor humidity. You can speed dry time by keeping the indoor temperature above 72 degrees and by getting airflow from fans. For further assistance, please call me at 337-7993.

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