Winter season is upon us, let’s discus how to keep your carpets clean during the winter months…

It is wet, cold and typically more dirt coming into your home during the winter season. It’s time to think and plan how to prepare your carpets for the winter months to come.

The following carpet cleaning tips may help you choose which cleaning process for your carpets is best when preparing and getting ready for the winter season.

Carpet Contaminants…

For commercial businesses like office buildings and schools, cleaning your carpets prior to the winter season is crucial to help maintain a clean and healthy commercial grade carpet. Deep cleaning carpets will help protect the carpet fibers. During the winter season when its’ wet, cold and windy we typically close our doors, shut our windows and turn the air conditioning off. When there is no fresh circulation of air passing through the building, carpets may pick up more unhealthy dirt, grime and insects causing more severe potential health issues to increase such as asthma and a variety of harmful allergies and bacteria that can breed in carpets due to carpets housing things such as pollen, dirt, insects, dust mites, foot traffic, pet droppings, animal urine, food and other harmful materials.

Therefore, in order manage air quality and maintain a healthier, safe and clean facility, steam carpet cleaning commonly known as deep cleaning as a method of carpet cleaning should be done prior to the wintery months and maintained on a regular basis throughout the winter season in order to help remove and manage contaminants and other allergens from breeding in your building.

The same process should be followed for residential carpet cleaning. Your home protects your family, You family friends and your loving children and pets need to be able to enjoy snuggling and playing on their home carpets without fear of catching an allergen due to a dirty carpet in your home. Therefore, follow the same carpet cleaning process as suggested in this article for commercial carpet cleaning for your home as well/

Deep Carpet Cleaning Should Not Wait…

If you choose to wait to clean your commercial and residential carpets until you feel your carpet is very dirty is a potentially harmful judgement in error.

Because you waited to clean your carpets you carpet is now heavily damaged and soiled from the winter months weather conditions and foot traffic; not to mention the harmful bacteria that is now breeding deep within your carpet fibers.

Your carpet may have permanent damage non reversable with any cleaning method such as deterioration and staining. Leaving your carpet dirty until the winter season has passed is a huge mistake. Dirty carpets create bad unhealthy conditions both in the workplace and throughout your home.

Regular carpet cleaning schedules will extend the life of your carpet as well as, manage a healthier environment for your employees at work and your family and pets at home.

Carpet Prevention

The general rule to deep clean carpets is every 12 months however, this general rule does not account for weather conditions and foot traffic therefore if one year for example has unusually bad weather conditions and your business has a constant flow of heavy foot traffic, we would suggest more often than cleaning your carpets 1x per year. The same rule of thumb goes for your residential carpets as well.

You may want to consider during the winter months placing safe installed carpet runners to avoid heavy traffic from soiling your carpets during the wetter months.

Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners…

This author suggest you hire a professional carpet cleaning service to evaluate the condition of your current carpet and to make manageable suggestions in order to maintain your carpet to have a longer shelf-life. This should save you a considerable amount of money in the future.

Carpet cleaning companies in Alaska  is just one of those companies to help you manage your commercial and residential carpets.

Remember, choosing a great carpet cleaner in Alaska is not difficult when you ask the right questions. There are numerous carpet and upholstery cleaners who will do a good job. Just do your research before you hire someone.

If you wish more information about your project such as carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and much more please feel free to contact

Remember, the effectiveness, benefits and advantages to steam cleaning your carpets cannot be matched to any other carpet cleaning system. The steam will aggressively penetrate and attack what breeds within your carpet fibers.  Therefore, when your carpet’s in need of deep cleaning; having it steam cleaned is going to be you best healthy and safest option for your home rugs, office rugs, yourself, your family, children and pets.

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