Carpet Cleaning Tips Homes with Kids and Pets

It is very important to maintain a healthy carpet especially around children and pets. Many allergies and pests can hibernate and breed within the carpet fibers when you do not maintain a carpet cleaning schedule. Deep cleaning referred to steam cleaning and regular carpet vacuuming is key to maintaining a healthy and clean carpet. Remember, […]

How to Deal with Dust Mites

Dust mites cause many problems with your carpet and home environment. Knowing how to properly manage and clean your carpets will save you from removing all of your carpets throughout your home or office. Carpet maintenance and prevention should ensure a healthy clean carpet environment. Removal of moisture within your home of office building should […]

Benefits Steam Cleaning Carpets

In general carpets are installed in the living room, family room, bedroom of for commercial throughout the office areas. People in general all walk outside bringing dirt, dust and grime into the office. Spreading dirt unfortunately cannot be avoided. This is the reason the carpet requires a carpet cleaning maintenance schedule. Deep cleaning also known […]

Carpet Cleaning

  Living in Alaska, especially during the colder winter season can be a challenge during the yearly seasons to keep your carpets clean. If you have carpet in your home or office, deep steam carpet cleaning is a very beneficial choice to consider when looking to clean carpets. For both residential and commercial carpet cleaning, […]

How to Clean Carpets During Winter Season

Winter season is upon us, let’s discus how to keep your carpets clean during the winter months… It is wet, cold and typically more dirt coming into your home during the winter season. It’s time to think and plan how to prepare your carpets for the winter months to come. The following carpet cleaning tips […]

How to Know When to Clean Your Carpets and Looking New?

Your residential carpets, commercial carpets and rugs take allot of abuse between the flow of traffic walking on the home carpets, children and pets playing on the carpets in your home and the heavy walk through traffic use your office carpets experience. It is easy to tell when your carpets need a good carpet cleaning […]