There are many ways to clean carpets for residential carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning. This author has discovered the most thorough way to clean carpets is deep cleaning commonly known as steam cleaning or water extraction. 

Talking to most of your carpet manufacturers, carpet distributors and carpet specialists, typically they will all agree to recommended steam cleaning carpets when searching for a deep clean to penetrate your residential and commercial carpets in order to reach the dust, dirt, allergens and odors that build up in your carpets. Steam carpet cleaning is also highly recommended because it is also a gentle carpet cleaning process which also helps hold on to the carpet beauty and longevity.

Let’s now define steam carpet cleaning or water extraction.

Cleaning your home carpets or office carpets when using deep carpet cleaning techniques will use very hot water allowing to penetrate deep into your carpet fibers. This method allows the very hot water to reach temperatures in excess of 220 degrees which at these extreme temperatures the steam cleaning  carpet cleaning method becomes very effective in killing a large percentage of bacteria,  germs, insects, dirt, grime, odors and other microscopic pests that can breed and live within your carpet.

In some cases, detergent may be used in extreme cases where the carpets are dirtier than normal. There are many allergen free detergents to be used in these extreme cleaning cases. Detergents are applied direct to the carpet allowing it to reach the inner fibers of your carpets. This way the detergent will actually attach itself to the dirt and grime buildup that is within your carpet fibers trapping the dirt until the steam cleaning water extraction system can extract from the carpet fibers itself leaving you with a odorless and clean carpet mostly free from bacteria and microscopic unhealthy pests.

Homes with small children and pets will benefit from steam cleaning for your carpets. The advantages of steam cleaning your carpets are greater than not steam cleaning for the safety of your children and pets. Steam cleaning is a very effective and safe method to cleaning your carpets.

Advantages to carpet steam cleaning

  • Steam cleaning uses water in place of chemicals.
  • Deep cleaning increases your carpets beauty and longevity
  • Water extraction is eco friendly
  • Steam cleaning has no toxins released into the air or left behind within your carpets (this is very important especially for homes with small children and pets playing on the carpet.
  • Steam cleaning wands will dramatically reduce your carpets drying time

This author highly suggests having a professional carpet cleaning company handle your home or office steam cleaning carpet needs. Professional carpet cleaners better understand how to extract carpets making sure no stains will be left in your carpets. When searching for residential carpet cleaners or commercial carpet cleaners, hire a local carpet cleaning company, local carpet cleaning expert, local carpet cleaning specialist and local carpet cleaning contractors when you search for a professional carpet cleaning company to handle all of your carpet cleaning needs for your homme and or business.

Remember, the effectiveness, benefits and advantages to steam cleaning your carpets cannot be matched to any other carpet cleaning system. The steam will aggressively penetrate and attack what breeds within your carpet fibers.  Therefore, when your carpet is in need of deep cleaning; having it steam cleaned is going to be you best healthy and safest option for your home rugs, office rugs, yourself, your family, children and pets.

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